Lex Wax Esthetics Policies

The Way We Do Things

The Basics

How We Operate

*All updates on prices, services, and possible discounts will be on our social media sites. Please be sure to check them for accurate pricing*

*Communication is key and extremely important. Lex Wax Ladies have their phones on them at all times and commit to responding as soon as possible.

*We pride ourselves on quick responses; however, any message, call or text that is received out of office hours (Tuesday-Friday, including some Saturdays hours vary) will be responded to within 24-48 hours or the next working day.  Whichever may come first and we ask for patience within those hours.

*You are fearfully and beautifully made. There is no room for apologies of stretch marks, squishy skin, rolls, and hair.

*What happens at Lex Wax Esthetics, stays at Lex Wax Esthetics. 


How to, Confirmation, New Clients, and Communication

*All appointments will be made through direct conversation with us by: phone call, text, or direct message on social media.

*The day before a scheduled appointment, contact will be made by Lex Wax Esthetics requesting confirmation of appointment. If confirmation is not received, i.e. no response to confirmation text message/phone call, the appointment will be cancelled and a deposit will be required before booking again.

*All NEW clients require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold their scheduled service time. The deposit will be applied to the completed service. Cancellations will forfeit the deposit.

*We require a 24 hour cancellation notice. We understand situations occur, but we truly appreciate keeping us in the loop. This ensures us enough time to refill the appointment time.

Last Minute Cancellation & Grace Period

The Rules

*We have a ten minute grace period for your appointment, a five minute grace period for eyebrow appointments. This should be used for paperwork and catching up, but we know sometimes timing just isn’t in our favor. If you are one minute or more past the grace period your appointment will be cancelled and considered a "no show" and charged 100% for the service per our "no show" policy.

*No show appointments, i.e. confirmation was made for the appointment and you did not show-simply because you didn’t (exempt for emergencies), you will be sent an invoice for 100% of the services missed. This must be paid before scheduling next service. 

*24 hour or less cancellations will be required to pay 50% of the service scheduled at the time of cancellation. Next appointment will not be scheduled without payment of late cancellation.

Preparing for Services & Contraindications

How to Prep for Services

*We require all clients to be minimally prepped and ready for the appointment that is booked and we take care of the rest.

*Waxing: Arrive with hair 1/4 of an inch long, for example the length of a grain of rice. Ensuring you are not on any oral/topical antibiotics, Retin-A, or had a chemical peel or sunburn within the last 14 days.

*Tinting: Makeup free and clean face. Eyelash tinting requires contact lenses to be removed for service. No spray tan or self tanner within the 48 hours.

*Any client that is not ready and did not do the bare minimum for their scheduled service will have to reschedule per our late cancellation policy. Special time, preparation, and product has been set aside for each appointment and arriving unprepared causes a huge loss for not only us, but the client as well.


Purchasing in house

*All gift certificate purchases are non-refundable. They expire 6 months from the date of purchase and are invalid after.

*All product sales are FINAL.

*All services are non-refundable.